For speaking engagements, I am represented by Soapbox, the premiere feminist speakers' bureau. Bookings can be made here, or by emailing me
I have taught thousands of people, at over 100 universities, companies, conferences, and organizations, deepening their understanding of diversity, inclusion, and LGBT health. 

My speaking roster includes Microsoft, Stanford Medical School, Brown, Cornell, UCLA, and Harvard. Below is a list of just some of the many places where I have spoken.

Selected Speaking Engagements

• Harvard University

Cornell University
Rutgers University
University of California - San Francisco Medical School
Out & Equal Workplace Summit
Gay & Lesbian Medical Association
Haitian Studies Association
Stanford University Medical School
Brown University

"Amy Andre provided a wonderful opportunity for students to challenge their conceptions of ... various identities in the LGBT community. Amy fielded difficult questions with poise and helped students engage in critical analysis as we examined our own assumptions and biases. Amy's honesty kept her talk grounded and established a safe environment to ask difficult questions. Students were able to connect Amy's talk to developments in their own lives or research questions they were currently wrestling with. The open and free dialogue that followed Amy's talk brought up many different perspectives that helped complicate issues of sexuality. I left with more questions than I started with -- something I always appreciate as a student and researcher." -- Grad Student, Towson University